Golf with Less Water

In the midst of a historic drought on water use, Thousand Oaks was determined to implement a city-wide conservation effort, to include their municipal golf course. The existing golf course design was costly to maintain, and bans were already in place on selected pesticides and native tree
removal. The city was determined to create a socially-accepted golf course that was mutually profitable and environmentally beneficial. Jason Straka, ASGCA, was tasked with creating a playable, fun, profitable and visually stunning golf course that used the least amount of water and other inputs necessary.

Although in a different ecosystem, the changes to the course were still very applicable. To study the intricacies of the renovation and management visited the course with director of grounds and golf course maintenance  and pest resistant plants.  These naturalized areas have been covered with mulch made on  green waste.

The future now holds a drastic reduction in the amount of water, fertilizer, pesticide and fossil fuel used at the facility as a whole, exceeding the city’s original goals.